Our Sub-Brand that focuses on producing custom apparel, from t-shirts for family day and events, to your social football team jersey 

We HD Print, Embroidery or Sublimation methods. Which to use? We can consult you depending on budget and use. 

Types of Printing





Having that premium touch of an embroidered logo will definitely take your gear to the next level. 

Embroidery of company logos or team badges on your apparel would give it a premium look.


Skip the hassle of heat press or other methods, Direct to Garment printing prints on the garment itself, hence the name.

A bit pricey, but great if you need a full coloured t-shirt printed fast.


SSublimation is a great process that allows for vibrant, full color, all-over prints. If you have a colourful and unique design, this is the method to go for. 

On top of that, we custom make the jerseys, so you can custom the collar, sleeves and pick the material.

HD transfers are screen printed transfers which can theoretically be produced in an unlimited number of colours.

HDX transfers are ‘Cold Peel’ making them very easy to apply and are suitable for most types of garment fabric.